Forest & Mountain

Forest & Mountain is now available on your favorite streaming sites. It's just two tracks, but each of them is more than 20 minutes long. Designed for deep listening and journey meditations, it can be your chill pill.

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Click HERE to see my latest long form YouTube video. Title: "Nakai TAB - the Good, the Bad and the... Confusing"



Native American Flute Playing Tips

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Salisbury University in Maryland has invited me to present workshops for their Music Majors and World Music students in November.

The good people at Compassionate Listening have asked me to be a presenter at their gathering in Alabama in January, 2024

Preparations continue for November 4 workshops and an evening concert (including some special local guest musicians) with Pocomoke Indian Nation, Delmarva Discovery Museum and Marva Theater.

I'm also looking forward to an online workshop with piano students at the University of Nebraska in October.



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