Forest & Mountain

Forest & Mountain is now available on your favorite streaming sites. It's just two tracks, but each of them is more than 20 minutes long. Designed for deep listening and journey meditations, it can be your chill pill.

No Dead Guys

My guest post for the excellent music blog, No Dead Guys, was published December 1. Click HERE to see it.


Click HERE to see my latest long form YouTube video. Title: "Nakai TAB - the Good, the Bad and the... Confusing"



Native American Flute Playing Tips

Click the album cover to sample and for "Set Your Own Price" download

The studio will be dark until Mid March as we relocate.

The Store will remain open, but no online lessons or events will be scheduled until after March 15. Any CD orders will be not be shipped before March 15. 

Thank you for your patience while we move and prepare our new space.



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